Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Increase your Adsense revanue

Now a days making blogs are not a big deal, The problem that blogger face now a days is how to increase adsense revenue, as every website and blog is using adsense as their income source to day i will share Some tips and tricks to increase Adsense revenue. And i hope you guys will boost your earnings following my method.

1. The first thing that you must know about is you should make blog or website on a Good topic (niche in the language of webmasters). So that people come to your website friequently and click on your ads as google is PPC (PAY PER CLICK ) system site, where clicks on ads meas money

2. To find a good niche (Topic) for your website, try to search google for High paying keywords, and write artciles on these it will make google to Put high paying advertises on your website , and when people click you will get best revanue

3. Increasing Trafficm, This is the way you can get more and more revanue. if you have a website or blog , getting more and more visits every day it will increasing chances of your ads to be clicked more times a day, You guys can read my previous articles for increasing traffic . articles can be found here and here

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