Sunday, June 14, 2009

How To Auto Twitt Your Posts

First of all i should describe what is twitter, may be some of newbie don't know about it. twitter is social networking website with a short messaging service with now a days become a great source for getting traffic to blogs / websites. Many big website companies use twitter for their website . as it is easy to get more traffic and notify others about their new posts.

Now the problem is that manually twitting your every post take too much time ..

Well if their is problem their is solution... website name had solved this problem of webmasters and bloggers. Twitterfeed is a feeding website that will auto twitt your posts when you publish them here i will right the way how to register you post for auto twitting .


first go to and login their with you openid or a blogger account after doing this you will be directed to your twitter feeds. now click the tab of adding new feed. you will be asked to login with your twitter account . login it and add your posts rss feed their . and after that you will be asked that allow twitter feeds to check for you blogger posts click that and create your feed. its done now whenever you post twitter feed will automatically twitt it for you..

If you are still not a twitter user go and get a twitter account for free and start twitting your posts...

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