Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back Links - Best Way To Get Traffic

Some times you can't get as much traffic as good is your blog You know why ? Because of you Search engine ranking . I am narrating here my own experience about the blogging, i started blogging before a year at that time i was not interested in money making online i started a blog named GraphicArena just for fun as i was fond of Graphic designing so i took this topic, first i though to share my own creations but then i thought why shouldn't i write reviews about the best creations of the other graphic designer as i am not a good designer. I started that blog posted some articles, gadgets etc . After doing all this a new problem was here for me. " Traffic " then i started to search on Google how to get traffic, i added my blog in the google and i got indexed with in one day ( This is a trick i will write an article on this soon) then some people visited my blog . i was getting 15 to 20 new visits daily . then i read an article on a blog that doing comments is good way to get back links . i was not familiar with back links at that time so i 1st started to read about what are back links, then started commenting on blogs. blog didnt get as many back links as i commented, i didnt understood what the problem is then again google helped me i read about the Do Follow and no Follow blogs. and Link exchange method by blog walking , i started doing all these and get my 1st Google pr with in 14 days or so. the conditions to get ranked in the google is your blog / website should have unique content .
so the method is start blogwalking and exchanges links with other blogger, no matter if you have pr or the one with whome you are exchanging link have no pr get backlinks as much as you can nd get ranked by the google , a newly started blogwalking website named Jengah may help you blogwalking , shout on other bloggers by and ask them to visit you and exchange link with you. if you want to get one way back links then Do Follow blogs are the best way to get best one way back links. You can Find do follow blogs just by doing a little google search. i will try to make a huge best do follow blog list and share with you all.

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