Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writing a better and profitable blog Post

Every day many blogs get started , but only some of them get successful, The reason of successful blogs is the way their write their posts, I will write some of the tips about how to Write a BETTER blog post .

1. First of all you should know what is your blog about, Write on the topic of your blog, if you are blogging to teach other, then write in the way that the audience can understand you, Be gentle with them , and write as simple language as you can so that every one can understand easily

2. Write about the recent thing in the post if you have a techno blog then write the latest reviews about the electronic gadgets , but make your article fresh don't just tell your audience the things that every body tells make twist in that and write fresh things

3. Write the post grammatically correct even if you are weak in grammar try to as much correct as you can, it will show your readers you are an educated blogger and give them a reason to read your blog , Be your self while writing Remember their are so many blogs arround . Make a reason for your readers to come back to ONLY your blog

4. Writting a post telling your own storry make peoples read with intrest. so when ever you write a new article try to write it like a story it will surely attract people

5. Finaly read your post 2 times again before posting see your mistakes and Most important see is your post making a sense if not just delete it and write something that makes sense

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