Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Increasing your blog traffic

Here are the 9 tip/ tricks to get visitors to your blog . The following is list of pointers to get people read your blog or, at the very least, Visit it.

Make your blog address part of your e-mail signature. An email without a signature is like a phone call with out a message or a letter without a return adress so go a head and include a link to your blog in your signature.

2. Visit other blogs and "accidentally" drop your blog address in the comments of the latest blog posts.

3. Make sure that you some how bring the subject of blogs and eventually your personal blog, in to the conversation with each person you meet every day, even if it happens to be the first rendezvous

4. Just as people send an email adress change notification to their friends and acquaintances, you can send a "Blog Created" notification . After all two aren't that different

5. Threaten your friends to visit your blog(s) at least once a day employ emotional black mail or say "Dont expect me gove you an autograph when i become an acclaimed blogger." lolz

6. Try to influence your friends into blogging it is mostly only bloggers who read blogs as well.

7. You can also pester friends who blog to add to their blogrolls. (a personal list of favorite blogs)

8. Thinking of a new Msn nick name or yahoo personal message ???? Just put your blog address their.

9. if you also like to write for magazines make sure that your next published article has your blog adress along side your name, or better yet, write some guest posts for the other blogs . Even if you haven't been a writer till now, writing one article just to plug your blog won't hurt,

10. Try all the tips above and do comment here lolz ..

Baqir Talpur

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