Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PayPal Forced to authorize pakistan

A face book user named Fouad Bajwa has started cause in the face book to convince the Paypal to authorize pakistan immediately,

PayPal is authorizing India and China and negating the Pakistan, even Pakistan is one of the rising country in the information technology and Pakistan has hundreds of million freelancers that needs paypal

We cant understand why paypal is not authorizing Pakistan even if their are so many
Foreign banks in Pakistan,

thousands of online bussiness company do not authorize pakistan because Paypal is not authorizing pakistan. these are some reasons because of that fouad started this thread,

I think fouad is right and im complete agree with him, Pakistan is rising in the telecomunication and information tecnology , paypal is the most wanted online bank, One of my friend earnd 100$ through a website that supported only paypal at that time he was not familiar with paypal so he just started to earn when he reached his 1st payout he created an account in paypal but as paypal dosent supports pakistan he wasted all his money.

I request all my readors to please join the cause and support it and force paypal to authorize pakistan, pakistan is going through the losses and becoming poor, if paypal will authorize pakistan it will surely effect the economy of pakistan

Cause link :- CLICK HERE

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  1. here may be few of the reasons why paypal is not authorized in Pakistan


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