Friday, July 24, 2009

Why And how to Show twitter Followers on blog

As in my previous articles i have told you about twitter and ways to get traffic from twitter, here is an other way to attract peoples to follow you on twitter like i had shown on my blog to attract you guys , lolz

ok coming to the point adding twitter button is very easy just 2 steps and you are done

1. Go to and add your name in the show twitter statics forum, click on show and twitter counter will show you all your statics now click on the add twitter button as shown in the image bellow

Now you will get a code, chose the button of your choice copy the code

2. now login to your blogger account, go to layout -> add widget -> add html/javascript widget -> paste the code save it and you are done

Now you must add a follow us twitter button so peoples can follow you directly by clicking on it, to add this button go to and get code and do all the same process above and you are done.

im sure peoples will attract to you by looking at your followers count, then what are you waiting for get followers and start twitting ...

Cheers ... Your comments will encrouge us to write more and more tutorials so dont forgot to comment

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