Friday, July 24, 2009

Hard to get 1st page results in Google ?

In this era search engines are the biggest source of driving traffic to a website or a blog, using the SEO (Search engine optimization) technology . Google and the other search engines use bots to track the Websites and place them in the search results according to the Keywords that they use, Seo keywords are the key to gain traffic through the search engines.

To get the the First page results in the google and other search engines you need to understand what system they use to Give you the rank in search engines and what keywords are best for your site to get the good rank in search results Follow my simple tricks to get the accurate and Good result in the search results ..

fisrt of all Try to choose the keywords that suits your web content and are good for search engine results try to search for a keywords tools like google adwords keyword tool (Click here to have a look at GOOGLE ADWORDS KEY WORD TOOL). Type the keywords that suits you website or blog and search if the results come very high in numbers leave it and try to search some thing else that you think is good for your site to get the rank and is related to your site, Remember Dont try to write the keywords like Blogging for your small blog related to blogging it will not give you the best ranks in the search results, Many of newbies try to put the keywords that people search more remember their is not only you who is using this keyword many other big websites are using these keywords try to find some thing unique that suits your blog if you have a blog related to blogging try to define clearly your keyword dont type just blogging try to type the main thing like money making through blogging, or blogging tricks, or some thing like making a good blog these small things that shows the topic of your blog will make your blog get the good rank in the google

Step 2 is to use your keywords in the title of your weblog or website, Title of a website is the main thing that Search engine bots consider to give the rank good in the search results try to be accurate and good while choosing a title for your blog, remember that traffic is always attracted by the thing that they see on the top of the browser

3. Dont ever forget to type the meta tags in the source of you blog or website these are the tags that a bot observes and give rank according to them try to be accurate while writing meta tags for your site, the description should be good and use the keywords in your articles and on the webpage in the description and keywords

4. This is last but not least tip, if your blog or webpage cotains too many pictures dont forget to give them name and alternate text, these are the keywords and tags for the pictures by which they are searched by the image search engines like google image search .

Remember these small things because these are the things which will make your website or blog get the high page rank in the search results and will drive more and more traffic

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