Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to create a scrolling Link exchange

How to create a scrolling link exchange or blog roll is a common question among the new bloggers, its not as much dificult as the newbies think. To make a scrolling link exchange or blog roll just like its in my blog you have to know about the basic html tags and functions,

The function that make text scroll is called marquee text . its a sipmle html code which scroll the text, by adding some more code in it it looks very nice and attractive, by using a scrolling blog roll or link exchange you can save a large space in your blog or website.

Well leave all this storry comming to the point, i am here to write a simple article about making it, after reading my this article im sure you will make one for your blog just in seconds without having knowledge about html language

first of all login to your blogger account, go to your blog layout setting and click on add a new widget add a html/javascript widget and add the following code in it

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop();" direction="up" width="100%" onmouseout="this.start();" loop="true" scrolammount="2"><center> <br><a href="link here">LINK TITLE</a><br /><br > <a href="link 2">Link2 Title</a><br/><br ><a href=""></a><br/></center></marquee>

Now edit the code, type link where their is written link here in the code and link name where their is written link name,

Note :-
code is used to break the link and start form the next line
is the ending code for
so it will look good if you break line after adding one link, the code is already codded to stop running when mouse over and starts when mouse is away to avoit it just remove the tags onmouse over and monmouseout .

Enjoy.... and dont forgot to comment

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