Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adding Digg Button To Blogger Posts

Digg is a website similar to twitter , you can drive traffic through it also, with the same me as previously i told you about how to drive traffic through twitter, And a digg button to your post will give you a boost in your traffic, if your readers will like your posts they will surely digg it digging means a bunch of traffic,

Here i will write the whole process about how to add dig button automatecally to all your blogger posts so guys lets start how simple tutorial

Fisrt of of set your blogger to save your blog posts, it will enable digg to digg every unique post, because by setting blogger to save your blog post your every blog post will have a unique address to set this or verify if its already set , go to dashboard -> settings -> Archiving and set Enable Post Pages to yes and save setting if its already done then leave it,

Now go to edit Html and click on expand widget templates and search for the code bellow

As soon as you find it , replace it with the following code

Note:- With this tamplate hack digg button will show on all the posts, dont do this if you want to show button to your selected posts.

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