Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fire Fox 3.5 (Video and Review)

Even today i remember when i used the firefox 1st time I was shocked to see the speed of this browser and its functions, it was just an older version 2.0,

And it won my heart from that day im using firefox. Now firefox company is launching a new version of firefox that is 3.5

I think firefox is the only browser which is user friendly browser, give a lot of functions for the user, in new 3.5 firefox Some best futures will be announced that are private browsing, means browser will not save your history and location aware browsing

Well the Die hard fans of the firefox like me will be waitting to get this browser, I should also mention that this new version is 100% more faster that any other version of this browser

Here are some main futures of the new version in this video told by the DIRECTOR of FIREFOX

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