Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Blogs Fail?

I've seen many newbie bloggers start their blogs to earn, and they fail within couple of weeks and shut their blogs. The question is why blog fails? There are various reasons because of which a blog die. I'll try to cover all the problems and write their solutions in this post.

First and the biggest reason is either lack of knowledge about your niche, or a wrongly chosen niche. Mostly newbies choose niche that either don't intrest people or they (bloggers) don't have knowledge about it.

SOLUTION: First ask your self what interest "you", because if your blog can't interest you how can it interest others. Now suppose you've already found 2 or 3 niches/topics that interest you, use google adwords keyword checking tool, and choose the keyword that people search every day.

2. Writting:
Finaly after some research you have a Good niche, and some good keywords to target. You must be thinking its enough, and now you can start posting. Yes you can start posting but its not enough yet

Solution: its time to use keywords that we found earlier. Use them and write articles, but before writing an article you must research on it. can help you to know more about your topic as it have a vast database of articles on all topics. How do i use keywords? Well using a keyword means writting that keyword for about 4 to 5 times in an article of 350 words. These keywords will help you increase your search results in search engines and traffic as well as ads related to them.

mostly bloggers only write and leave it for their readers. Some readers think this attitude of author is rude towards his readers, and they loose their interest in blog.

Solution: Try to communicate with your readers along with providing them information. Make polls, host contests, and most easy thing that you can do is asking a question in the end of your blog posts.

These are three big reasons that i think are responsible for the failuire of a blog. What reasons you think are responsible for that. Please share with us in comments.

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