Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FriendBlaster Pro Universal Crack

Social Networking Sites now a days are more becoming Social Book marking sites, and Traffic Generators.

My space is one of the Best way to drive Traffic to The website/blogs

So many People Prefer the Social networkings as Traffic generators Because they are the biggest way to drive genuine and Real Traffic.

So the way to drive traffic from Social networking sites is to add many friends, as much friends you will get the more traffic.

So Problem is "How To Get So Many Friends On Social networking site" Their are Bundles of Friend Adders for almost all the social net workings For my Space the Best Software Made to Add Friends is "My Space Friend Blaster Pro"

The software is having a bunch of Futures you Can See the Sales Page ( Here ) To know about the software .

hey wait im not sharing a paid Software , Im sharing a Free Cracks So Dont think you are wasting time reading this Article.

The patch Was made to Work For 10.5.x versions of Friend Blaster Pro, But it is still working in 10.6.6 Dont you think its amazing ????

it is working on Friend blaster Pro latest version, And hope that it will work for all others so enjoy every one!

Of course yes, well Leave it , am not wasting more time And not creating any more suspense. So here is the Crack

" Remember Download the Demo version From Sales Page ( Click here to Download Demo ) and Download the patch Below, un-rar the patch and Put the Patch file in the folder where you have Installed the Freindblaster Pro Demo Version , And Start the Patch and Click Patch. And you are done"

Crack File : - Download

(remember file size is 5kb because its a patch and its highly compressed, File is totaly virus free and scanned with virustotal(dot)com, you can also scan it by your self Cheers!)

Any Questions ? Ask In Comments.
Enjoy ..

Update:- 3 Downloads but No Comments ? I request all you guys to comment so that many others know if it works for you or not and it will encourage us to write more valuable posts For our readers


  1. Hi,

    do i have to remove registry entries before reinstalling with that patch?
    i dont know where to find them. can you help me?
    otherwise this patch is not working...


  2. Hello mate, Sorry for a Late reply i was a little busy, You should just Uninstall the aplication, re install and patch it, It will work for you

  3. helllooooo! help pleaseeee baby!! dont wprk whit FBP 10.8.2 please hel meeee kisseeesss!!

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