Monday, July 27, 2009

Track Who Dont links to you Whome You link

Do you have a blog with a link exchange ? Yes Do you know how many website are linking to you whom you are linking ? I think you will say yes Every one is linking to my blog whom i am linking right ? But i can surely say its wrong, many people just link for some time and then remove it and we are so busy that we can't even check who is linking to us and who is not.

Well it happened to some days ago i found 7 websites that are not linking to my blog and i was linking to them i immediately told them to put my link otherwise i will remove their link.

The Question is how i found who was linking to me and who was not linking to me? Right So i should tell you that i was just surfing the internet and found a Website having a tool to check the our reciprocal links. its very easy to find out, here is the simple 3 steps way to check

1. Click Here and go To Reciprocal Link Checker By Submit express,

2. Type your url in the Box URL to check

3. Put all the links in your link exchange in the box Target URL(s) and click verify links Its done Website will automatically tell you who is linking to you and who is not,

Today i thought to search for some software's And Found too many software of the same purpose if you guys wants software's then Go to GOOGLE and try to search RECIPROCAL LINK CHECKING SOFTWARE'S you will find too many software's, some free some trail versions and some PAYABLE

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  1. Well thats great, i was familiar with back link checking tools and software, but was not familiar with this quick and easy php back link checker, you have great blog having great number of informative articles, i wish you success.


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