Thursday, July 23, 2009

Increase Twitter Followers

Ways To Increase Twitter Followers

Now a days twitter is best Source of traffic for blogs and website, every website, small or large is using twitter, because with twitter traffic is just a click away from your websites and blogs,

The formula is that more followers on twitter means more traffic for your blog,

I am here to tell you some tips to increase your follow count on twitter, and of course it will surely increase traffic for your blog,
The tips that i am going to tell you, you should make them your habit, and i am sure it will increase your followers count and traffic so lets start our tutorial,

1. First of all you should tweet the links that are interesting and Valuable posts of your blog ( you can get some writing tips here ) and before twitting the link ask your followers to Please Re tweet it will help your link to spread all around and you will get more traffic for your blog and if people will like your post they will surely follow you on twitter and you will get followers

2. Join #followfriday , in twitter every friday 5 peoples are recomanded for others to follow, how to participate ? just search on twitter for #followfriday and you will get all the information you want there,

3. Put some follow me tags and logos on your blogs and website, this will help your readers to be notified by your activities easly and you will get your followers

4. Write a post in your blog in which you tell others about twitter and ask your readers to follow you on twitter.

5. Send messages to those who are not following you by putting @ before the user name, if you will get answer all of the followers of the person whome you sent your message will see your message and surely will check your profile and may be some of them will follow you

6. Make your twitter profile looks nice, add a photo and brief description of your self it will atract people towards you

7. Last but not least . find peoples on twitter that maches your personality and follow them undoubtly they will follow you back ,

So follow these tricks 1st before Peoples follow you on twitter ;-) . Enjoy twitting and getting traffic

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