Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Add Recent Post Widget With Pictures

Want a Recent post widget for your blog with picture thumbnails?

Want an attractive Recent posts widget that attract your Visitors to reads your posts and comment on them ?

Here is the answer for All your questions and needs,

here is simple code for recent post widget just like its in my blog it like Beautiful and i think you guys will also be agree with me

So here we start our tutorial you can install this beautifull widget within seconds in your blog just by following these simple steps

Go to and login their and go to edit layout

now go to add widget and then add html/java script widget

And copy the code bellow and paste it their now save it and you are done..

Remember dont fogot to edit home page url and paste their your own blog url, any question ?? drop comments and i will answer all your question

here is the code :-

<script language="JavaScript">
imgr = new Array();
imgr[0] = "";
imgr[1] = "";
imgr[2] = "";
imgr[3] = "";
imgr[4] = "";
showRandomImg = true;
boxwidth = 298;
cellspacing = 8;
borderColor = "#ffffff";
bgTD = "#000000";
thumbwidth = 40;
thumbheight = 40;
fntsize = 12;
acolor = "#666";
aBold = true;
icon = " ";
text = "comments";
showPostDate = false;
summaryPost = 40;
summaryFontsize = 10;
summaryColor = "#666";
icon2 = " ";
numposts = 5;
home_page = "";
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

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